12/10- 12/14 2018

Mon- Act 2 

Tues-  Unit 1 Lesson 9; Focus question and vocab

Wed- Act 2

Thur- Act 2

Friday- Act 2

12/10- 12/14-2018

AP Block- Everyone should be reading in their chosen Independent Reading book the number of pages per day.

Q2 Independent Reading Books should be finished by Jan. 7th.


Think Cerca Assignment 2

Quote Sandwich- Due 12/5 8am


Think Cerca

Assignment 2

Compare/Contrast Essay Edgar Allan Poe

7th Grade
Mr. Bohan's Homework Page
12/10- 12/14 2018

Mon- Independent Reading; Read Ch. 14 and answer all reader's notes

Tues- Independent Reading; 

Wed-Independent Reading; 

Thurs- Independent Reading;

Friday-  Independent Reading; Read Ch. 15 and answer all reader's notes.


8th Grade

AP Class

Do your homework.

Don't make Mr. Bohan cranky.

Homework page updated on Mondays